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Why Scalable IP?

Sound legal knowledge, hands-on business experience, and the right network allow me to offer you understandable, actionable, no-nonsense IP guidance what to do, and equally important, what not. Your goals are my goals and I won‘t waste your time with legalistic explanations or ‚it depends‘. 


 Stop others imitating your idea. Convince financial investors that you are a good investment. We help you succeed by: 

Are you applying for financial support, and need to convince financial investors or public funding that you are a good investment?

Do you want to keep your idea secret? For example your source code, your microorganism or your proprietary biotech downstream process?

Are you looking for partners to license out your idea and obtain license income?

Do you want to make sure that you are not working within some competitor's patent?

Are you a spin-off from University or a parent company? Is your idea the result of collaboration with another partner? Are you really sure you own all rights in your idea?


Stay in the game and grow profitably

You developed a better process to make your product? Protect that cost position.

You improved your product? Make sure others don‘t copy the features. Check out this great example from Vorwerk (

You want to keep it secret? You are not alone - even Tesla uses trade secrets (also referred to as know-how) heavily to sustain it's competitive edge. Or did you think they gave their patents away for no reason?


Stay profitable long-term and balance your IP portfolio.

You are concerned that your patents cost you a lot of money, without a clear perspective how they contribute to your company's success? You want to make sure your investment into IP has the best chance to pay off?

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Protect your Business Model before others do

Here's my presentation 'Protect your Business Model before others do' at the Startupwoche Düsseldorf ( It led to a lively exchange with the participants afterwards. As announced, all proceeds have been donated to the NABU.